Birds at the Beach- My First Children’s Book!

Birds at the Beach is a children’s book that I started in August and now, a couple months later,  it’s finished and published! Despite it only being a couple of months, it feels like much longer.

When I started this book, it was a way to challenge myself to learn more about creating a children’s book. It’s been quite the journey. I have learned so much from illustrating to publishing and everything in-between!


For me, I think sketching will always be my favorite part of any project. I came up with all sorts of ideas and combinations of birds in different scenarios. I had a sheet of types of birds on the left and beach activities on the right, and then just started linking them together! It was a variety of trial and error to see what combinations stuck.

The snorkeling seagull was definitely my favorite combination. It lead me to try to match the names with a similar sounding tasks. Below is a little peek at my process of creating the Seagull illustration:


Overall, I’m very proud of my first children’s book! This is been a great introduction into the world of publishing and it feels amazing to be able to hold something you made from start to finish.

If you would like, you can buy Birds at the Beach through Createspace or Amazon!



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